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Acupuncture For Diabetes

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture for Diabetes

Diabetes affects all the major systems in our body in different ways, so the treatment will be tailored to your individual diabetes symptoms.

Diabetes & Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a condition of our blood having raised sugar levels. Type 1 diabetes tends to be common in children - Type 2 diabetes tends to apply to people over 40.

Type II Diabetes

Acupuncture can help reduce the severity of diabetes symptoms and improve the overall wellbeing of people with diabetes. Acupuncture alongside healthy diet and active lifestyle can also help as a preventative treatment keeping the liver, spleen, kidneys and digestive system all functioning at optimum levels so that the underlying state of internal health is high.

Acupuncture Treatment For Diabetes

Acupuncture for diabetes can help re-balance the blood sugar, de-toxify the liver & digestive system, improve sleep, food metabolism and general energy. Acupuncture helps to improve the immune system's efficiency, stimulate and improve blood circulation throughout the body, which is especially important for diabetic patients.