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Acupuncture For Fertility & Infertility

Acupuncture For Infertility

There are many different & often treatable reasons for infertility. Infertility may be a physical problem, to do with hormonal imbalance or an inflammatory blockage in the pelvic area, sperm quality & levels, stress or anxiety in either partner. Infertility may have a combination of reasons connected to both partners, low libido or may be due to unexplained infertility, where all the hormonal levels & factors are within the normal range. As many couples delay starting a family until later it is common for conception to take longer than expected. Receiving regular Acupuncture improves your fertility & supports your optimum health.

Female Infertility & Fertility Issues

The ability to pro-create is an expression of a women's optimum nutrition, health and vitality. Difficulties with fertility, including miscarriage, can be traumatic and painful experiences bringing with it feelings of failure, depression, obsession, desperation or feeling unwomanly. Often the first priority when treating women will be to regulate & re-balance women's hormonal levels, the ovulation, menstrual cycle which can be adversely affected by stress. Infertility Acupuncture can help improve the success rate of couples undergoing IVF, ART and also help treat its side effects.

Female Fertility Inhibiting Conditions

Infertility Acupuncture helps treat & address conditions which interfere with our fertility:

Male Infertility & Fertility Problems

Men may have their own fertility problems, which may also make some feel stressed, anxious, even inadequate. Fertility Acupuncture can support men by helping to improve sperm motility, alongside addressing their own pattern of internal imbalances.

Sperm Quality/Quantity Issues