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Insomnia, Sleep Problems & Acupuncture

Insomnia, Sleep Problems & Lifestyle

During the acupuncture therapy we will explore the effects of your lifestyle on your sleep problems, sleep deprivation. Eating or drinking to excess or being over-tired may cause problems sleeping. Shift workers are more likely to develop insomnia due to the disruption of night-time body clock and internal daylight, which affects their sleep patterns.

Causes Of Insomnia Or Sleep Problems

Illness, injury, shock or trauma can bring on insomnia. Over-thinking and worrying can decrease the body's ability to flourish. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), disharmony of internal organs may contribute to developing insomnia. Acupuncture therapy may support you in overcoming insomnia and sleep problems.

Insomnia, Sleep Problems - Effects On Women

Women are affected by insomnia twice as much as men. Acupuncture treatment therefore considers women's pre-disposition to insomnia due to their life cycle any pregnancies, hormonal changes and the menopause.