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Rachel Baynes - BSc(Hons) Acupuncture
Licenced Acupuncturist of British Acupuncture Council (MBAcC)
Camden, Kentish Town, Belsize Park, East Finchley, Tufnell Park, Islington, London NW5, NW3, N7

Google by Complementary Therapy Alternative Medicine. London Acupuncture & Moxibustion Clinic offers traditional Chinese acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture & facial rejuvenation, facial acupuncture, ear or auricular acupuncture, moxa treatment and moxibustion in London, Kentish Town, Belsize Park, East Finchley, Camden, Tufnell Park, central London. Help, treatment & therapy can be offered for cellulite & cellulitis, non-surgical face lift, weight loss, quit or stop smoking, sports injuries, back pain relief, migraines, headaches, anxiety, sciatica, depression, tinnitus, arthritis, indigestion & digestion, coughs, colds, flu, allergies, asthma, hay-fever, insomnia & sleep problems, eczema, skin problems, diabetes, men's & women's health (e.g. fertility & infertility, IVF, pregnancy). Acupuncture Islington, moxibustion in Islington. I am trained, experienced and accredited as acupuncturist in London, Kentish Town, Belsize Park, East Finchley, Camden, Tufnell Park. Acupuncture & moxibustion is widely recognised as tcm, traditional chinese medicine, complementary medicine, complementary therapy, complementary therapies, alternative medicine, alternative therapy, alternative therapies, chinese acupuncture, traditional acupuncture, acupuncture therapy, acupuncture treatment, moxibustion, moxibustion therapy, moxibustion treatment or moxa therapy or moxa treatment in London. Please be aware of various misspellings of the word acupuncture in London, e.g. accupuncture in London or acupunture in London.

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Speaking for myself, I'm not a great believer in lines of Chi, energy fields and other "alternative" therapy theories – but one thing that might change my mind is meeting Rachel Baynes. Diminutive in size, she radiates an energy and enthusiasm for her field that's well on the way to convincing even this old cynic. Previously experienced in Shiatsu, Rachel trained in Acupuncture at Westminster College, graduating in 2004. Why move on to acupuncture? Because, she tells me, she finds it the most powerful therapy of all in dealing with the ebb and flow of energy around the body. She points out straight away that she dislikes the kind of "new age" vocabulary usually associated with complementary therapies, preferring instead to focus on the variety of conditions with which acupuncture can help: yes – it's good for the emotional side, for anxiety, for insomnia, depression – but it's excellent too for specific localised issues such as a frozen shoulder or back pain. I crack a poor joke about acupuncture for fear of needles, but Rachel cuts in quickly to make a serious point: that here in the west we're not used to therapies that are uncomfortable, or difficult. That means that it's up to the practitioner to be sensitive to the patient's expectations during the treatment - from setting the lighting level to using the finest, most comfortable needles – making the experience relaxing and positive from the outset. Alec Myers I had been troubled by shoulder pain, since aged 14 I was in continuous pain. My reaction to the acupuncture was awesome – for the first time I had peace of mind – I was pain free. William Mackenzie I arrived in London from New York totally immobilised by a twist in my sciatica that happens to me periodically and that no sort of treatment has ever alleviated. After being debilitated for a couple of days I finally heeded the counsel of an old friend and googled into "acupuncture", grabbed the first appointment I could get and agonisingly dragged my spastic self to Kentish Town. Rachel Baynes made no big promises, no guarantees, just an injunction to give it three sessions to see if it yielded any results. Within a week the pain was history; I was cured. I was more agile than I had been in as long as I could remember. It is without hesitation that I recommend this woman's skillful therapeutic practice to anybody suffering from such a condition. Remarkable. Eric Schachter I felt the deepest sense of profound relaxation I have ever had. I felt the stress melting away. Mark Pacey Fertility Treatment I am thrilled as i am now pregnant! Yeah! I genuinely believe the acupuncture made a huge difference and put me back on track so thank you so so much. Hayley Barnet Thank you so much for everything :)
First and foremost, I could not have asked for better care and help from Rachel. Where conventional medicine had failed me, traditional Chinese remedies took over and quite literally brought me back to life. Life threatening autoimmune condition - SLE Lupus meant that I had to make some drastic changes in my life and I was incredibly lucky and fortunate to discover Rachel. I was on extremely strong and detrimental medication which only seemed to worsen my condition. With Rachel's help I was able to come off it and I'm nearly free of Lupus symptoms a year on. It's a miracle really looking back to where I was a year ago. I was constantly tired, had irregular heartbeat, couldn't sleep, was under enormous nervous strain, covered in lupus rash, as well as getting extreme arthritis flares all over my body, just to name a few symptoms. I was a really critical case, even my doctor's seemed at a loss (I was being looked after by 3 different specialists at the hospital).
I did not believe in acupuncture or traditional, herbal remedies, especially in my case, it just seemed like it would never be strong enough to make any impact. I decided to give it ago as a last resort, and I was amazed how much after my first session I felt so relaxed and at ease.
I am now on the way to a full recovery and I will always be thankful for Rachel's efforts and support.
All the best,

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